Lotus is a leading company in the field of technology

Lotus Game stick lite

The Lotus game console is a quality and valuable product that is a good option for users who are looking for a game console with a reasonable price and the ability to play nostalgic games.

The Lotus game console is a new product of the Iranian company Lotus, which was released to the market in 2023. This console has an attractive and modern design.

The Lotus game console uses a 2GB GPU and a 2GB main processor, which provides smooth and fast performance. Also, this console uses 256 MB of RAM, which is enough to run nostalgic games.

Lotus game console supports 4K and Full HD image output and displays high-quality and clear images.

Lotus game console has more than 10 thousand nostalgic games from 10 memorable old consoles. This console also supports GBA, GB, FC, MAME, ATARI2600, PS1, SFC, MD, GBC, ATARI2600 and ATARI7800 console emulator.

The Lotus game console comes with two wireless handles, a charging cable and a game console.

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