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Main Features

Desktop DLP® 3D Printer

Anycubic Photon Ultra is a groundbreaking consumer DLP 3D printer. Anycubic co-engineered with Texas Instruments to introduce Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology into the desktop 3D printer industry.


A DLP printer has an optical projector, shining concentrated beams of light only where the resin needs to cure, producing incredibly crisp results without light leaks or blurry edges. DLP Projector can project a beam of higher uniformity, and the light uniformity of the forming surface is greater than 90%. With an LCD printer, a single big UV light shines through a screen that has either open or closed pixels. However, the light source is always on, which gives light leaks, even on dark pixels.


Thanks to DLP® technology, Anycubic Photon Ultra’s light source system does not need to be replaced as often as an LCD 3D printer and has a life span of over 20,000 hours, 10 times longer than the 2,000 hours for LCD monochrome screens. Maintenance costs have been greatly reduced.

Energy Saving & Environment Friendly

The rated power of Photon Ultra is as low as 12W, which is about the power of a normal light bulb and only 1/5 of the 60W power of an LCD 3D printer.

Blazing Fast

The Photon Ultra’s blazing-fast optics engine speeds up the printing process to just 1.5 seconds per layer, 1/5 of the original Photon of 8 seconds per layer. The print speed is up to 6cm per hour, three times faster than the original Photon of 20mm per hour. Print for an hour

Whisper Quiet Printing

DLP printers release less heat due to its low power consumption. The heat dissipates through a radiator without containing a cooling fan to ensure a whisper quiet printing environment for users.

Industry Application

Models Display

Machine Weight
Machine Dimensions
Printing Dimensions
Printing Technology
DLP (Digital Light Processing)
Light Source
DLP optical projector
Printing Speed
Max 60mm/h
Z Axis Resolution
XY Resolution
80um (0.080mm)
Layer Resolution
Projector Resolution
Control Panel
2.8″ touch-control
Power Supply
12W rated power
Data Input

Additional information

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