Lotus Business Technicians

The main importer of 3D printers in Iran

introduction of a company

Since 2014, Lotus Trade Technologies Company has stepped into the world of new technologies by working in the field of 3D printers and robotics. This group, by using the capacity of young people and experts, has succeeded in localizing new technologies, such as the construction of 3D printers with various applications, as well as the construction of various types of robots. Mechanisms have been moved.


Being among the top technology producing companies in the Middle East is the main vision of Lotus Business Technology Company. Activity in the field of manufacturing advanced robots, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence in the direction of human well-being and helping nature is the main focus of this company.

With a screen that cannot be seen.

Advertise to be seen!

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Transparent LED displays are a new technology that has great potential to change the way advertising is done. These displays can help businesses to display their ads more effectively to their target audience, thereby helping to increase their sales and revenue.


Outdoor advertising.

Use in open and public spaces


Indoor advertising.

Use in indoor places such as shopping centers


Advertising in vehicles.

Use in public transportation such as subway and bus


Advertising at the exhibition.

Advertising in exhibition booths and seminars

Invisible LED

Invisible LED

Transparent LED displays are a new generation of modular displays that have a transparent and glass-like appearance and can be installed on various surfaces, including glass.



And finally, the unveiling of one of the most popular G-Light models
G Light completes the design of your gaming room with its all-metal body and stunning light, it also organizes your gaming table with a mobile stand and headphones.

Brands offered in Lotus company