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Since 2014, Lotus Trade Technologies Company has stepped into the world of new technologies by working in the field of 3D printers and robotics. This group, by using the capacity of young people and experts, has succeeded in localizing new technologies, such as the construction of 3D printers with various applications, as well as the construction of various types of robots. Mechanisms have been moved.
This group was registered and established as a legal company in 2019.

شرکت لوتوس


With the aim of developing business and entrepreneurship, this company has started to produce various products due to its capabilities in the field of design, manufacturing and production. These products are in the fields of computer and gaming, robotics, media and digital kits, digital receivers, home products such as silicon molds, as well as home and industrial automation.

Lotus company has exclusive representatives of prominent companies in the field of 3D printers and their consumables, as well as educational, medical and industrial robotic arms from the most prestigious brands in the world.
It should be noted that the quality of the products of this collection has prompted us to look for markets outside the borders of Iran.
And this means expanding business and more entrepreneurship for the job-needs of our dear Iran.

The founders of Lotus

Hamed Azizzadeh

Founder and CEO

Hamed Azizzadeh, born in March 1366

Has a bachelor's degree in electronics from Amirkabir University, Tafarsh branch

Journalist experience in Hamshahri magazine in 2013

Activities in non-governmental organizations to empower addicts and the needy

TOEFL language certificate in 2013

I3DL specialized course for 3D printers per year

2016 sales and marketing expert

Traffic and safety control systems expert

Sales and Business Development Manager of Dejan Engineering Group

Member of the founding board of Iran Additive Manufacturing Association

Founder of 3D Market

The founder of Lotus Trade Technologies Company

Director of Innovation Lotus Company in UAE

Ali Pourasmaili

Founder and Executive Director

Ali Pourasmaili, born in May 2013

World ranked in FIRACUP robotics competition

Second place in the national robotics competition in 2016

IELTS language certificate in 2019

The founder of Lotus Trade Technologies Company

8 years of experience in designing all kinds of robots and electronic boards

5 years of programming experience

Expert in the Middle East region of Elephant robotic company robots

Our mission

The main mission of this collection is to move at the edge of technology and in line with the fourth industrial revolution. In this regard, activities in the fields of 3D printers, robotics, electronics, artificial intelligence, and home and industrial automation are among the main topics of this collection. In this regard, the construction and production of various 3D printers along with its import and consumables has been the first step in this field. Also, the production of more basic products to create employment and make our business profitable soon led us to offer products related to this field under the title of gaming and lighting accessories under the G-Light brand. The next step includes the production of robotic products, which was started in 1400, and still obtaining representation from world-renowned brands such as Elephant Robotic is one of the other activities of this collection.


Being among the top technology producing companies in the Middle East is the main vision of Lotus Business Technology Company. Activity in the field of manufacturing advanced robots, self-driving cars and artificial intelligence in the direction of human well-being and helping nature is the main focus of this company.