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Main Features

Unleash Your Imagination

With a 7.6-inch high quality monochrome screen, the printing volume of Anycubic Photon M3 is up to 180×163.9×102.4mm.

Sharpen Your Mind

Ultra-high resolution of 4,096 x 2,560 pixels. It is capable of producing parts with high dimensional accuracy and intricate detailing.

Foundation Is the Key

The new build plate has a texturized checkerboard pattern that dramatically improves adhesion and print success rate.

Ultra Fast Printing

The fastest printing speed can reach 50mm/h, and it only takes 2.5 hours to print the 120mm high miniature, which is 30 minutes less than the 3 hours of the competitive products.

Sharp & Clear Edges

The printer adopts an LCD screen with 400:1 contrast, 100% higher than its competitor. The high contrast leads to parts with better surface finish.

Powerful Enlighting Matrix

With the Anycubic LighTurbo matrix light source system, the matrix LED beads will provide strong light energy, making high-speed printing possible.

Protect What Matters

The anti-scratch protective film greatly extends the lifespan of the LCD screen. This layer significantly increases the life of the screen and protects it from scratches, dust and other damages.

Fully Compatible Slicer

Fully compatible with all Anycubic resin printers. It is easy to use and offers versatile and professional service without monthly fees.

Models Display

Tech Specs

Machine Weight
Machine Dimensions
Printing Volume
Printing Dimensions
Printing Speed
Machine Leveling
4-point manual leveling
Light Source
Parallel matrix light source
≤30,735 lux light intensity
Z Axis
Single guide rail
Resin Vat
Integrated design with scale lines
Exposure Screen
7.6″ monochrome screen
4K+ (4,098 x 2,560px) resolution
400:1 contrast
4% light transmittance
2,000 hours lifespan
Build Platform
Laser-engraved aluminum alloy
Control Panel
2.8″ resistance touch-control
Removable Cover
Blocks 99.95% of UV radiation
Screen Protector
Replaceable anti-scratch film
Power Supply
55W rated power
Data Input
USB Type-A 2.0

Additional information

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